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Comic Underground

Mary Jane? by Sephirosu-nechan

Deep in beneath the surface of deviantART lies the heart of comics creation. At the Comic Underground, we strive to bring quality comics to the attention of deviants everywhere. We accept whatever path you choose to follow, whether you create Death Note manga, make detailed drawings of Marvel superheroes, or simply doodle incriminating four panel slides of your boss as an angry badger in your spare time. We are not elitist, and we gladly welcome new comic artists. If you like contests, challenges, features, and surprises, join the Underground today! I guarantee you will not have to take a British subway.

The types of art that we accept are:
:star: Anything related to comics, including . . .
:bulletred: Comic Strips
:bulletred: Comic Book Style
:bulletred: Single Page Comics
:bulletred: Superheroes
:bulletred: Comic Book Fan Art and Fanfiction
:bulletred: Comic Book related Drawings and Sketches
:star: Manga and Anime
:star: Game Art, anything related any games, including . . .
:bulletred: RPG art (MMORPG, roleplaying, LARP, online RPG, RPG fanfiction, etc.)
:bulletred: Video game art
:bulletred: PC game art
:bulletred: Online game art
:bulletred: Board game art
:star: Cartoons and Animation including:
:bulletred: Cartoon characters from TV, movies, etc.
:bulletred: Flash animations
:star: Fan Art, Fanfiction, and Original Characters (from ANY of the above categories ONLY)
:star: Tutorials, Stock Images, and Other Resources (from ANY of the above categories ONLY)
:star: Memes

:censored: Adult Content must follow all deviantART rules and will ONLY be placed in our FAVES collection. :censored:


Comic Character of the Month: Recurring CONTEST!

This Month's Character

[Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne]

Every month, members are encouraged to create art of any medium for a specific comic character. During the month, all art submitted to Comic Underground of the chosen character will be automatically entered into the contest, but we strongly prefer that you submit your entries to the Comic Character of the Month folder. It takes many hours to go through other gallery folders that have pages upon pages of art, so if you submit directly to the Comic Character of the Month folder, it will make it so the admins can post the results of the contest days earlier!

The winner of the contest is judged by SavvyRed and receives 10 deviantART points, has their piece permanently showcased in the Featured folder, and is put in the CCotM monthly feature! But even if you don't win, your submitted work will be put in the feature, and you can submit as many entries into the contest as you want! Deadline is the beginning of the upcoming month!


Green-Eyed Monster: The Incredible Hulk Feature
March 2014's Winner
Captain America,Wolverine,Spider-Man and Hulk by TheGreatDevin
Captain America,Wolverine,Spider-Man, and Hulk by TheGreatDevin

Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight



barbara gordon se quita la mascara by kaskajo

barbara gordon se quita la mascara
[English Translation: barbara gordon takes off the mask]

kaskajo is a pencil-and-paper artist who hails from Spain. He has been a deviantART member for two years and has quite an expansive gallery. His main subject is the female form, specifically those of Marvel and DC comics. You can really see his talent develop and grow through each drawing. If you have a soft spot for the heroines and villainesses of the comic book world, make sure you take a peek at his gallery! here.

... [about Artist Spotlight]

From time to time, we select one member to feature in this section. We include a selection of their work and a short description of them and their artistic style. They will also receive 10 deviant points and one work permanently displayed in the Featured section of our gallery!

DO NOT ASK TO BE FEATURED. If you do, we will not feature you. We choose an artist from the group based mostly on talent. Group activity is also a secondary factor.

A new artist will be chosen at random times.

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Green Eyed Monster: The Incredible Hulk Feature

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 1:06 PM



Captain America,Wolverine,Spider-Man, and Hulk
by :iconthegreatdevin:

To those who don't know about this contest:
Comic Underground hosts a special contest called The Comic Character of the Month contest. Every month, the Founder SavvyRed chooses a comic book character. Members are encouraged to submit art to the gallery based on that character in any medium they want, from everything from traditional art drawings to fanart movie posters to sculptures to even cute little stuffed animals. Whatever way you want to represent the character is fine by us! All artwork in the Comic Underground Gallery based on that character is automatically included in contest, but we would prefer that submissions be put in the Comic Character of the Month gallery. SavvyRed chooses the winning work of the contest, and the winner gains 10 deviantART points, a permanent place for the winning work in the Featured section, and inclusion in the month's blog feature (which is put on this account and as well as Comic Underground's blog). Everyone who submitted work will have their work in the group feature (which is this!)!


Why do people like the Hulk?

Whether fans notice or not, the Incredible Hulk is not completely unique in the comic book universe.  The nerd-turned-strongman idea is one of the most common themes in superhero canon.  Superman, Spider-Man, Beast (from X-men), Dr. Freeze, Daredevil, and many, many others all follow some semblance of this rule.  Yet somehow it never seems to get old for fans.

Your typical comic book reader is not going to relate to a superhero who is a handsome football star who became an even more handsome and suave superhero.  The idea that a nerdy scientist like Bruce Banner can turn into a ultra-powerful hero like the Incredible Hulk is very attractive to boys who are more likely to pick up a book or a fake light-saber than a pigskin and salt tablet. That is the hope that characters like him bring for their fans.

But the Hulk goes a step further.  While Superman and Spider-Man can retain their rational personalities and intelligence when they transform (which basically means taking off their glasses and putting on spandex), the Hulk becomes enraged and unstable.  In a Freudian sense, the Hulk is the id, the unrestrained impulses that we all have but fear to unleash, while Bruce Banner is the superego, the part of the human psyche that demands foresight and restriction. Not only do people relate to the down-on-his-luck underdog, but they also feel that excitement and fear that comes with someone who has lost control and has the strength to do something about it.

Now stop reading and look at the wonderful artwork!

Hulk Love Betty by IsaiahBroussardThe avengers by richy-richyAvenging Spider-Man #1 Pg 14 by JoshJ81Wolverine vs Hulk page 10 UPDATED by JoshJ81Hulk Pop Art by TheGreatDevinCaptain America,Wolverine,Spider-Man and Hulk by TheGreatDevin:AC: B is for Bruce Banner by Kallian91Hulk Pop Art 2 by TheGreatDevinHulk Pop Art 2 by TheGreatDevinPreview of comic-Science bros- Ruin Chapter by AreLeiI Dare you to Fight Back, Puny God! by jokerjester-camposHulk 105 page 21 22 by JoshJ81Avengers Assemble by ArlequinneHULK into the PITT! in color by JesterretseJGamma Style by elee0228The Avengers 2 - Age of Ultron Fan Poster by dDsignAvengers - Age of Ultron Teaser Poster by dDsignAvengers Assemble Page 19 by DerekDwyerThe Incredible Hulk - Pencil by barneybluepantsAvengers Assemble page 17 by DerekDwyerRampage! by ManOfAction7666The Avengers Age of Ultron by Guardedspiritsuperman versus hulk by kaskajoHulk Sketch Card by IsaiahBroussardBARFAST PAGES 4-5 by barfastSmash and Bash! by FuackaThe Incredible Hulk #181 tribute by GoroKaiThe Hulk by stipher30The Hulk by stipher30HULK SMASH 2012 by barfastHulk mark 3 by GbfixxerMarvel Zombies by tomcriellyTHE PICCIAVENGERS by PICCIONCINEMAPICCHULK by PICCIONCINEMAHulk 2013 by sjediEncounter of the Hulk kind by mcaputo123187Avengers black n white?? by GbfixxerMGH2012 sketchcards 17 by thecheckeredmanHulk rikudou by ChahlesXavierThe Incredible Hulk by brandop123Hulk vs Wolverine 01 by paulschultzHulk vs Red Hulk by RomeoMafiaDouble Flip Fists by chairboygazzaHulk by originalnamelessHulk vs Hercules by originalnamelessHulk Redesign! by Comicbookguy54321I AM HULK by drawhardHULK SMASH by drawhardThe Hulk by stuartmcgheeHulk by originalnamelessFrank, the Tank and the Runt with colour by DerekDwyerHulkSmash by SparksflyStudiosCaptain America vs Hulk- Marvel (Incompete) by mrjohnsenquiz98Hulk page  D Keown and N Lee O Remalante color by spidey0318Hulk by C21It's Not Easy. by CaveatscotiHulk transformation commission by LangleyEffectHulk Smash! by kevmannAvengers drawing - 2013 by andrecamilo20Hulk plays in the Danger Room by wolverineclassifiedThe heat is on by kirkpatrickpsalmThe Marvel Alphabet by Sammo158The Incredible Hulk vs. The Unincredible Hulk by SavvyRedHulk Snarl by SparksflyStudiosHappy st.Patrick's Day by White-Wolf-RedgraveHulk Smash by RobertMacQuarrie1Smaaash! by AndreaMeloniIndestructible Hulk #15 cover by NisacharThe Hulk Six Panel Pop Art by TheGreatDevinGamma Cousins by Bob Raymond by NewEraStudiosHulk Hamscher by RossHughesThe Incredible Hulk by knikki121The Avengers by RetardMessiahIf you think you're man enough, Flyboy! by MichaelLinkJrHulk v superman by Gbfixxer'Hulk jump.' by conradknightsocksThe Strongest There is... by kevmannThe Incredible Hulk by RetardMessiahHulk Spider by felipef777The Avengers by PortraitLcHULK vs HULKBUSTER IRONMAN by jey2dworldTogether by LadyNamyHulk Splash! Malta Comic Con poster by deanfenechanimationsHulk vs supes 2 by DwmoviebuffMGH2012 sketchcards 01 by thecheckeredmanHulk Smash by RYANVOGLERAvengers Series by mandiemanzanoHULK SMASH COLORS 2012 by barfastLLAMA HULK o un pepinillo quiensabe... by MUTANERDA



[Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown, Damian Wayne]

Now accepting submissions!

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