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Mary Jane? by Sephirosu-nechan

Deep in beneath the surface of deviantART lies the heart of comics creation. At the Comic Underground, we strive to bring quality comics to the attention of deviants everywhere. We accept whatever path you choose to follow, whether you create Death Note manga, make detailed drawings of Marvel superheroes, or simply doodle incriminating four panel slides of your boss as an angry badger in your spare time. We are not elitist, and we gladly welcome new comic artists. If you like contests, challenges, features, and surprises, join the Underground today! I guarantee you will not have to take a British subway.

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This Month's Character'
[March 2015]
Green Arrow
[Oliver Jonas "Ollie" Queen

Comic Underground hosts a special contest called The Comic Character of the Month contest. Every month, we choose a comic book character, and people submit artwork based on that character.

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February 2015

:Luke Cage: Hands Up, Don't Shoot by ibroussardartLuke Cage: Hands Up, Don't Shoot by ibroussardar


Artist Spotlight

Artist Spotlight



barbara gordon se quita la mascara by kaskajo

barbara gordon se quita la mascara
[English Translation: barbara gordon takes off the mask]

kaskajo is a pencil-and-paper artist who hails from Spain. He has been a deviantART member for two years and has quite an expansive gallery. His main subject is the female form, specifically those of Marvel and DC comics. You can really see his talent develop and grow through each drawing. If you have a soft spot for the heroines and villainesses of the comic book world, make sure you take a peek at his gallery! here.

... [about Artist Spotlight]

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Rose are red, Roses are blue, Roses are black, and they matter, too.

:rose: we wouldn't ask why a rose that grew from the concrete for having damaged petals, in turn, we would all celebrate its tenacity, we would all love its will to reach the sun, well, we are the roses, this is the concrete and these are my damaged petals, dont ask me why, thank god, and ask me how :rose:

- Tupac Shakur

a word from me

Before anything else, I wanted to write briefly about my view on Black History Month.  I think that all months should be black history months, that all months should be Asian history months, Latino history months, Middle Eastern history month, Indigenous history months, and all people of color months.  Right now, every month is White History Month; don't deny it.  You learn about Eleanor Roosevelt but you don't learn about Angela Davis.  You know about Hillary Clinton but not Cynthia McKinney.  The news shows protesters who throw bricks at a window, but you don't see the ones who get maced in the face and beaten by police for no reason.

Let's not confine black history to February, the shortest month of the year.  Every day is black history, even if people refuse to acknowledge it.  And when we look at the world, we should remember that the rose that grew from the concrete was once too small to see, but it fought like hell until nobody could deny it was there.

- S.

Comic Character of the Month /  February 2015

Comic Underground hosts a special contest called The Comic Character of the Month contest. Every month, ImpulsiveSpidercide chooses a comic book character, and people submit artwork based on that character. All artwork in the Comic Underground Gallery based on that character is automatically included in contest, but I'd prefer that submissions be put in the Comic Character of the Month gallery. The winner gets 10 deviantART points, a permanent place for their winning work in the Featured section. Everyone who submitted work will have their work in the group feature (which is this!)


Luke Cage: Hands Up, Don't Shoot by ibroussardart


Luke Cage: Hands Up, Don't Shoot by ibroussardar


Come along with me by Cherrie-KeaneIntegration by Cherrie-KeaneLet the police handle it by Cherrie-KeaneVal-Zod Earth 2 (Bourassa Style) by OWC478Displaced by Cherrie-KeaneBlack Panther Fan Movie Poster by dDsignStorm and Yukio by olybearIf the Fates Allow by Cherrie-KeanePrincess Avengers: NICK FURY by Christopher-StollStorm Pin Up Colors by RobertDanielRyanBeast and Storm from X men by mcsazaStatic Redesign by Cherrie-KeaneElectro by rishabh-devilSevere ThunderStorm Watch by SuperPoserSilver Surfer VS. Green Lantern by ADAMshootsStorm Redesign! by Comicbookguy54321punk storm inks by dalexisstpierre colored by JoshJ81Storm X-men wallp by Luna Fantasma by Luna-FantasmaThe Storm by sjediMy Collection (old) by ShiyaHawkJustice League - Black Canary Redesign by Femmes-FatalesWonder Woman - Nubia Redesign by Femmes-FatalesAnd The Rain It Raineth Every Day - Storm, X-men by SavvyRedCaptain Marvel by JesseAcostaStaple Preview: X-Men by GhostHauseBatwing practice drawing by SpikeprimeFish by olybearShazam-DC (penciel) by mrjohnsenquiz98R3 Storm by TULIO19mxNick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. by MCsaurusNick Fury meets Sire Sweden by MCsaurusCarl Creel-Absorbing man from Marvel by Kamran10000R3StormC1 (1) by TULIO19mxNick by SpidertofThe Assemblers Windjina by RWhitney75Lightspeed Enforcers #8 by kwking21Maelstorm Surge by darkchapel666Asshole... by DK-DarkKittySpotlight Magazine September 2014 by SparksflyStudiosRyan Spencer meets Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. by MCsaurusBlade the Vampire Hunter by MCsaurusBlack Panther + Storm by MCsaurus Titan Justice chapter 5
Titan Justice chapter 5: True Love
Over the next few days since Wally's return Raven was exhausted between using her powers to help Wally West in his rehab and doing her normal hero duties. As a result of the hectic schedule Raven had little to no time to meditate which eventually forced Raven to go into Nevermore to deal with her emoticlones.
Raven: Look I'm exhausted so if you guys could please shut up for awhile.
Brave: Not until you've listened to what we have to say.
Raven: Ughh fine get on with it.
Rage: I wanna rip that boy band apart!!!
Raven: Not happening.
Timid: Could we possibly, maybe sing with Beast at the Battle of the Bands?
The other emoticlones nodded in agreement as Raven rolled her eyes.
Raven: Why in the world would you want me to go and join that Battle of the Bands stuff.
Happy: Because we can sing!!!
Lust: Plus we know Primal wants to do the nasty as much as we do.
Raven blushed at Lust's comment.
Knowledge: You know this could be a good opportunity
Fish! by Jazz-4 Titan Justice chapter 2
Titan Justice chapter 2: Back in Black
-Jump City Bar///9:45PM-
On a stormy night in Jump City a silver haired vixen and the sixth Titan found herself walking into a local bar to support her brother's passion for music when she stumpled upon a fellow hero apparently drowning his sorrows.
Ravager: "So what brings such a handsome Atlantean stud like you around here huh Kaldur?"
Kaldur: "Drinking obviously and the name is Jackson Hyde when I'm around surface dwellers. Why are you here Rose?"
Ravager: "Supporting Jericho and his love of singing."
As Ravager sat beside Kaldur and ordered a drink she could tell her old acquaintance was troubled.
Ravager: "Wally wasn't your fault you know."
Kaldur: "Rose stop--"
Ravager: "Tula wasn't your fault either."
Kaldur: "Rose I said STOP!"
Kaldur in anger slammed his glass on the counter as he angrily left.
Ravager: "Smooth Rose, real smooth. Only guy that could possibly relate to me and I run him off."
Ravager in an impulsive decision downed her glas
Young Justice by GenghisKwanElectro by isreal8ncDefender by Sweeneygirl310593Storm: Icon by LightengaleTempest Aterna 1 Cover by OrionPax09Catwoman by MechielOroro Munroe by Comicbookguy54321Marvel Sketch cards Series 2 by Todd-the-foxBatLord catwoman concept by dushansthe gathering STORM by darkchapel666Killing Shot by loveless5Relax by loveless5Come Over by loveless5Throwback Comics Celebrates Black History Month by RWhitney75X-Men: Return To Oz by LightengalePEACEKEEPERS vs. DC VILLAINS. by TaylorGarrityTHE PEACEKEEPERS-KINGDOM COME by isikolHome by Cherrie-KeaneStorm by lotus73Storm by DaveBardin Titan Justice chapter 3
Titan Justice chapter 3: Chalk Outline
Black Manta: "Beast do me a favor and turn the tv down, will ya?"
Manta unknown to the others was nursing his hangover from the night before as well as sharing Ravager's bed.
Beast: "Whatever, I was done with it anyways."
Beast complied by turning the tv off and leaving the room.
Cyborg: "What's with B?"
Raven: "It's the anniversary of that little traitor breaking his heart after her resurrection."
Ravager: "Ya know in hindsight beating Trigon kinda sucked, huh?"
Ravager commented only to catch a four eyed glare from Raven.
Ravager: "Kidding Raven, geez. I'm just saying hoorah for saving the universe and all, but Terra got defossilized and my dad cheated death...... again."
Raven: "Still pissed bout the eye I take it?"
Ravager: "No Goth Queen I just love looking like a silver haired pirate, at
Runaways Nextwave Cosplay by kyrtuckMGH2012 sketchcards 14 by thecheckeredmanM'Baku the Man-Ape by MCsaurusANGEL SALVADORE:MISSED X-CHALLANGE by Sabrerine911Tiana as Storm by herofan135Storm Sketch Card by ibroussardartStorm sketch cover by NO! by nathanobrienCaptain America Sketch Cover by ibroussardartBlack Panther Avengers Sketch Cover by ibroussardartRemake of German Avengers cover by TheCosmicBeholderPeanuts Avengers by ibroussardartJohn Stewart Sketch Cover Rough Pencils by ibroussardartPeanuts Justice League by ibroussardartGreatest Moment (Coloured) by P3MTiana as Storm by kushkapaCaptain Helios by N-ZEROMGH2012 sketchcards 11 by thecheckeredmanMGH2012 sketchcards 09 by thecheckeredmanMGH2012 sketchcards 06 by thecheckeredmanMGH2012 sketchcards 04 by thecheckeredmanSam Jackson As Nick Fury by SparksflyStudiosX-Women by ADL-artSTORM by DwmoviebuffX-Men: Age Of Apocalypse by KaufeeFalcon ATC by ibroussardartChristmas Lights by olybearFoxy Brown by IanJMillerX-Men, Circa 1990 by olybearX-Men Redesigns Team Delta by Femmes-FatalesNew Members of Teen Titans by MCsaurusTwo versions of Kingpin by MCsaurusX-men [7-3,4] by HitotsumamiStorm as Sailor Mars Color by sjedi500 by e-carpenterShazam! by ratzie(Fem) Captain America by Sweeneygirl310593Good Guys by tapwater86Storm Bust Marker by sjediBishop, Blink, Warpath and Sunspot by tapwater86Moving Day by Cherrie-KeanePunk Storm II by SketchyMcDrawpantsSam Wilson/Captain America by IanJMillerBlade by IanJMillerMini Marvels: Storm by BluBoiArtBlack Goliath by IanJMillerStorm Bust Ink by sjediStorm (Uncanny X-Force) by MichaelLinkJrStorm by yomarkSay 'Cheese', Wrecking Crew by conradknightsocksStorm as WW Ink by sjediTitans Sketch by guinnessydewomen x-men. by leilaleizStorm Ink Final 14 by sjediororo by kaskajoStorm by rockie-squirrelMy Favorite X-men by thEbrEEzeIvy, Harley, and Selina Pencil 1 by sjediWonderStorm Pencil 2k14 1 by sjediVixen Pencil 2k14 1 by sjediOroro as Lady Death Pencil by sjediTiana as Storm Pencil 1 by sjedi20110728  Wolverine and Storm by Ana-ArcherThe REAL reason they were late by Cherrie-KeaneSavage Land Storm Pencil 1 by sjediMohawk Storm sketch by DerekDwyer80's Punk Storm by JSRPhoenixStorm Bust Pencil by sjediBest Friend Hug by InuGurl107ororo by kaskajoStorm as Sailor Mars Pencil by sjediStatic Shock Doodle Dump by InuGurl107X-Men Tarot - Storm - The Chariot by IAmABananaOoMe In The Iron Man Suit Colour 2.0 by TheHypersonic55X-MEN '92 on EON Blank Sketch Cards by Dingodile24Marvel Now - Captain Universe by 10th-letterBishop Redesign! by Comicbookguy54321Power man urban gear by RWhitney75Daddy's little girl by DwmoviebuffEmpire Magazine: Homework Project by ProjectDJThe Phenom by SparksflyStudiosUTU 1 PG.5 by BrianThomasXX-Men [7] by HitotsumamiYoung Avengers: West Coast by tapwater86Big Hero 6 by Kokid17Chasing Santa..the Marvel Way by GoroKaiTo me, my X-Men! by quineviereJustice League! by J-Skipperthe X-men taking on the Brotherhood by GoroKaiCalling by loveless5Cyborg: Then vs. Now by IanJMillerPatriot the young soldier by MCsaurusUltimate Obama by AlexLandishStorm Sketch by dezz1977X-men Sketch Card series part 2 by thEbrEEzeThe Tomb of Dracula #10 tribute by GoroKaiIcon and Rocket by torch73Black Panther and Storm by CahnartistIron Man 3 - James Rupert Rhodes by 10th-letterThe Asgardian by TargetViewKjufy B Jhjhj Sex by ScarKaJames I Ororo by ScarKaUlt Rolo by ScarKaJhjhj B Kjufy Ultimate by ScarKaDbrcty Lkz Vfyuj by ScarKateen titans vs deathstroke by wanderlei78Game Night in the Hall of Justice by CuttingRoomOne of the Boys by jokerjester-camposX-Men, Circa 1991 by olybearStorm by mortar-girlShazam by HartmanArtsCyborg by Kokid17The Spotlight on Heroes and Villains: Vixen by SparksflyStudiosBat66 by japan11
Emma and RexWatching her apply lipstick shouldn't be this interesting but he was really, really bored. Rex stood in the doorway of Emma's room and had plans on bothering her as usual. "Objectifying yourself much Emma?" He asked, a sarcastic smile firmly in place.
"I have a date," She replied, glancing down at a small mirror in her hand and sounding way too preoccupied for his liking.
"Really?" He injected a note of skepticism into his voice as he strolled toward her.
"Don't sound so surprised Rex."
Shrugging he said, "It's just that you hadn't mentioned you were seeing anyone, especially to Mom or Dad."
Leaning against the edge of her desk, he watched her retract the lipstick and stick the cap back on. When he'd decided to come by to bug her, he'd expected to find her nose deep in schoolwork or reading a book, not doing something girly like putting on makeup.
"Do I tell you everything about my personal life?" She sharply asked.
"Actually yeah, usually you do. You trust me more than our parents; yo
Facing the Older SisterEmma stared hard into the brown eyes, her gaze hardening. She didn't mind her brother dating, she just didn't like this "blond-bimbo", as she called her, that Rex asked out. It had been quite simple to drag the girl into the girl's locker room at the beginning of the school day. No one was around and it was the perfect place for her lecture.
"Listen, I know you're dating Rex right now but you better be careful with how you treat him. He may be your boyfriend but he is my little brother. You'd do best to remember that. You know what that means, right? That means that if you ever make him cry, if you ever cause him any harm, I will make you regret it dearly. Harm him physically and you will suffer. Harm him emotionally and I will never allow you to forget your blunder."
She leaned in closer as the blond girl squirmed. "You'd better brand this moment into your memory. Treat him as he deserves to be treated. Give him the space he needs when he needs it and never let him feel infer
In Her ShadowRex supposed that this was something all younger brothers and sisters felt at some point in their lives. It was some sort of nightmare, always settled into the back of their minds, eating away at their subconscious, building the pressure placed upon their shoulders.
This was the kind of thing Rex dreaded whenever he walked into school. His fourth grade teacher was the same teacher that Emma had two years ago. That was the way it had been since kindergarten but it had never been a problem before today. The possibility of such an event had only been a nagging fear and he had prayed it would stay that way.
But the 61% on the paper in front of him and the echoing words of the middle-aged woman pulled him into every younger sibling's nightmare.
"I was expecting more from you. Your sister was so bright."
How could anyone expect anything from Emma Stewart's brother? Sometimes, that's all Rex was, Emma's little brother who would never ever be as great as she was.
Like so many other younger sib
Needing YouIt was dark outside, even though it probably wasn't even five in the afternoon yet. The light was on in her apartment so he knew she was there. So close, yet they couldn't have been further apart from each other.
Why did he let his insecurities take the best of him? Fear. That's what it all came down to. Fear of not being enough. Fear of not deserving her. She was everything. She showed him kindness and patience and love. She came to trust him and he wanted to offer her everything. But he'd let his fears overrule him. He'd hurt her, done exactly what he'd promised himself he'd never do.
The cold air swirled around him, making the light snowfall seem almost majestic. If this was any other day, he would've gladly taken a moment or two to truly appreciate and take in the dazzling sight before him. But not today. Today the hole in his chest was too painful. His heart was missing.
He had been foolish and stupid. He knew it the second the words had left his mouth. He hadn't meant a thing tha

March 2015's character

Green Arrow

The Black History of Captain America

by ImpulsiveSpidercide

In dedication to Black History Month, I will be doing a brief overview of Captain America’s Black History. Yes, that’s right, Captain America’s Black History. We all know the story of his origin --- small, skinny Steve Rogers was so determined to serve his country despite his frail stature that he willingly submitted himself to an experimental super-soldier process called Project: Rebirth that transformed him into 6’2” and 240 lbs. of ultimate human ability and potential. Then he got lost and frozen in the Arctic for decades after World War II before being thawed out in the present day . . . and surviving only because of the Super-Soldier Serum in his system, whereupon he proceeded to become leader of the Avengers and battle for truth, justice, and the American Way in a whole new era.

What many do not know is that the origin of Captain America is a lot darker than that idealistic write-up in my first paragraph. Why? Simply put, after Steve Rogers’ test, sabotage by Nazi infiltrators resulted in the death of the scientist who created the serum and as said scientist had kept most of the knowledge on its composition to himself, the U.S. military had no safe way of replicating the serum. It didn’t stop them from trying, though, with many of the chosen test subjects being African-Americans, as a nod to the Tuskegee syphilis experiments in the same period. 300 of them were soldiers taken from Camp Cathcart, and among them, only five survived, one of them being Isaiah Bradley, who soon became the only survivor due to a combination of Camp Cathcart being wiped out (with everyone in it being killed) to preserve the secrecy of the project, field missions in Europe, and internal strife.

Realizing how little he meant to his superiors, Bradley intended to die serving his country by destroying the Nazis’ Super-Soldier production capabilities, using a spare Captain America costume and unpainted shield he appropriated. Despite largely succeeding in what he set out to do, Bradley was captured by the Nazis, who intended to dissect him for the secrets of his Super-Soldier powers since he’d denied them the ability to create their own, and while he was rescued by German insurgents, he was then court-martialed and thrown in Leavenworth for his unauthorized mission into Nazi Germany. In 1960, he was pardoned and released from Leavenworth by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as one of Eisenhower’s final acts in office. Afterwards, he would become an icon of reverence for all sorts of important black historical figures in the latter half of the 20th century and even among modern black superheroes, while remaining unknown outside the African-American community.

Sadly, the imperfect replication of the Super-Soldier Serum used on Isaiah Bradley turned out to cause mental and physical deterioration, somewhat similarly to the effects of steroids and Alzheimer’s. Eventually, this resulted in him reverting to a childlike mental state, at which point Steve Rogers discovered what had been done in the name of recreating Captain America all those decades ago and attempted to make amends to Bradley, blaming himself for Bradley’s suffering and the deaths of so many African-Americans in the process thereof.

In the first days after Steve Rogers’ awakening in the modern world, Steve would encounter a young social worker named Sam Wilson, who had been stranded on an island nation run by a Nazi offshoot called the Exiles that had turned the native population into serfs. Steve and Sam would work together to free the indigenous population from the Exiles, and their partnership would extend to the United States, where Sam took on the heroic identity of the Falcon, the first African-American superhero in mainstream comics, alongside his trusty falcon Redwing and equipped with a winged flight suit and harness. Captain America and The Falcon would be an ongoing partnership and comic for most of the 1970s, even through the revelation by writer Steve Englehart that Sam was “actually” a thug and pimp nicknamed “Snap” whose memories had been altered by the reality-warping artifact the Cosmic Cube in order to give infamous Nazi villain the Red Skull a pawn he could use against Captain America. Despite this troubling and unfortunate revelation, Sam’s heroic personality would remain dominant and he would even go on to join the Avengers, though he resented his membership as he’d only been recruited by the Avengers’ U.S. government liaison Henry Peter Gyrich (better known to X-Men fans as the face of anti-mutant sentiment in the U.S. government depicted in the Marvel Universe comics) to fill a racial quota, and quit at the first opportunity.

In the Avengers comics of the early 2000s, Falcon would reluctantly team up with his onetime nemesis Gyrich to uncover U.S. Defense Secretary Dell Rusk’s true agenda, as Rusk had been pressuring Gyrich to spy on the Avengers for him and turn over their secrets. Eventually, they discovered that Dell Rusk was simply an alias of the Red Skull, who intended to use his position to manipulate America into becoming the seat of a new fascist empire that he would control, and the Falcon was instrumental in his defeat and exposure. From there, he would reestablish his partnership with Steve Rogers, and even form a new one with Bucky Barnes, originally Captain America’s young sidekick in World War II, formerly the brainwashed Soviet assassin codenamed the Winter Soldier, and then the new Captain America following Steve’s seeming death by the machinations of the Red Skull. After Steve’s revival, Falcon would join a later incarnation of the Avengers once Steve and Avengers co-founder Iron Man began their quest to expand the Avengers lineup to better face the scope of the threats the team dealt with.

Finally, Sam Wilson would become Captain America himself, when Steve Rogers was drained of the Super-Soldier Serum that had kept him young and vital through the years, causing him to become an old man in line with his chronological age. Steve chose Sam to carry the mantle of Captain America, and Sam was equipped with a new costume that combined the Falcon flight suit and harness with the patriotic iconography of Captain America. Starring in his new series titled “All-New Captain America,” Sam’s first mission would be to rout the new HYDRA, which had spread its tentacles so far and wide and deep that even Marvel’s superhero teams weren’t safe from its infiltration. In the process, he took on the Red Skull’s twisted daughter Sinthea “Sin” Schmidt, who tried to break him down by “reverting” him back to the thugging and pimping “Snap Wilson” and claiming that his idealistic social worker self was a forgery by her father to slip under Steve Rogers’s guard to better slip the knife between Steve’s ribs. In a stunning display of mental fortitude and strength, Sam realized that “Snap Wilson” was the real forgery, a transparent attempt by the Red Skull to undermine Sam’s faith in himself and the wider superhero community’s, including Steve’s, faith in him by warping him into the worst sort of racist caricature. This also had the effect of repudiating Steve Englehart’s storyline that established the “Snap Wilson” persona and background in the first place, a storyline that had been condemned by many fans and critics for its racist implications.

Another, lesser-known figure in the Black History of Captain America was Lemar Hoskins, a character debuting in Mark Gruenwald’s 1980s run on Captain America that introduced John Walker, the so-called “Super-Patriot” who was an aggressively militant nationalist counterpart to Steve Rogers’s humbler, more soft-spoken and compassionate patriot. Lemar Hoskins was one of John Walker’s three Army buddies who formed the “Bold Urban Commandos,” also nicknamed Buckies after the abbreviation of their title, and worked to promote Walker’s Super-Patriot alter ego. When Walker was chosen by the U.S. government to replace Steve as Captain America after Steve refused to work under the Captain America identity if the government intended to use him for foreign conflicts he saw as being morally dubious, he was accompanied by Hoskins, who was made into the new Bucky.

Hoskins was eventually persuaded by another black man, following objections raised to Mark Gruenwald by African-American readers, that it was self-degrading to call himself Bucky when “buck” was how American slaveholders referred to the black males they enslaved. As such, he renamed himself Battlestar, donning a new costume and wielding a shield patterned after the one Steve Rogers had originally used in World War II. While he would drop into obscurity as a character following Steve’s retaking of the Captain America identity and Walker donning a new heroic guise as the U.S. Agent, Battlestar was still a major part of Captain America’s black history.

The legacy of the original black Captain America would endure, however, first in the form of Isaiah Bradley’s son Josiah, engineered from the U.S. government’s experimentation with his genes during the time Isaiah was held prisoner in Leavenworth. Josiah’s surrogate mother managed to smuggle him out from under the government’s watchful eye, and left him to be raised in a Catholic orphanage outside Boston, Massachusetts. As a young teen, Josiah’s enhanced physical traits first manifested themselves in an argument he had with one of the nuns that worked in the orphanage. Believing he had accidentally killed her, Josiah fled and joined the U.S. Army under an assumed name, serving several tours of duty in the Vietnam War, where he and his squad were nearly killed by an inconsiderate and racist officer’s order to bomb the area they were still patrolling. However, Josiah’s retaliation against said officer earned him a trip to Leavenworth, where his father Isaiah had once been imprisoned, and blood tests revealed him to be the missing Super-Soldier baby the U.S. military had been trying to find. Once again, his surrogate mother helped him escape and led him to his genetic parents, whom he found through a list of African-Americans victimized by the Super-Soldier project.

Afterwards, Josiah would travel the world as a private military contractor, eventually landing in Africa, where he discovered the Islamic faith and used it to ground himself in a purpose for his life. He returned to the United States and became a Muslim preacher in Little Mogadishu, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. He also became part of a loose-knit group of vigilantes called The Crew, who were seeking to put a halt to the gang wars consuming The Mog, as the neighborhood of Little Mogadishu was called by the local residents. He was last referenced as a potential recruit by the Avengers Legacy Program installed in case the Avengers were to fall in battle and a new generation of Avengers was needed, but his nephew Elijah Bradley ended up filling that role.

Elijah Bradley was the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, and since Elijah’s mother was conceived before Isaiah’s Super-Soldier enhancements, this meant Isaiah’s abilities wouldn’t have been transferred genetically. As such, Eli was initially said to have gotten his own Super-Soldier powers from a blood transfusion from his grandfather, and was recruited by an armored time traveler called Iron Lad seeking to recruit new Avengers based on the previously mentioned Avengers Legacy Program. In truth, Eli had gotten his powers by stealing Mutant Growth Hormone, a street drug that induced temporary superhuman abilities in its users, from the dealers he foiled as the vigilante Patriot, and when this was ultimately discovered, he left his team, the Young Avengers, in shame.

However, Eli would return to the Young Avengers when teammate Hulkling, a shape-shifter who used his abilities to mimic the Hulk’s strength and size, was kidnapped by an envoy of the Skrull Empire, which resulted in a clash between the Skrulls and their longtime enemy, the Kree Empire. Persuaded by the Young Avengers’ archer Kate Bishop that he was the only one who could lead the team, even with his lack of actual superpowers, Eli rejoined the team to save Hulkling, and ended up throwing himself between Captain America and a Kree attack. This would have fatally injured him, and Captain America was even willing to give him a blood transfusion to save his life, but Eli’s grandfather Isaiah beat him to it. As a result, Eli gained genuine Super-Soldier abilities, and continued to lead the Young Avengers through events such as the superhero Civil War, the Secret Invasion of the Skrull infiltrators, the Dark Reign of Norman Osborn, better known as the Green Goblin and then the Iron Patriot, leader of his own “Dark Avengers” squadron, and then the Siege that brought said Dark Reign to a halt.

These are the characters that make up the most crucial points of The Black History of Captain America. Amazing, aren’t they?

Pretty in Green (She-Hulk feature)

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 10, 2015, 12:09 AM

Comic Character of the Month - January 2015



What is the Comic Character of the Month?

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Everything You Would Ever Want To Know

As I mentioned before, all the written part of the Comic Character of the Month will be handled by our new admin and my close real life friend ImpulsiveSpidercide. Like his all writings, it is rather long. Yet it is incredibly well researched, thorough, and educated. If you want to know about She-Hulk, you'll definitely want to read this! Honestly, it blows my mind and makes me wonder if I should start paying him!

- S.

This here is going to be an overview of the history of the character of She-Hulk in Marvel Comics. To start with, she was created to prevent the showrunners behind The Incredible Hulk TV series of the 1970s from making a female counterpart without Marvel’s approval first. In the comics, she was depicted as the cousin of Bruce Banner, the genius scientist cursed with uncontrollable transformations into the green-skinned dynamo of destruction known as the Hulk.

Jennifer Walters grew up as the shy and socially withdrawn daughter of Los Angeles County Sheriff Bill Walters and Elaine Walters, whose brother Brian Banner was the father of Bruce Banner. After Elaine died in a car accident when Jennifer was seventeen, Bill became deeply overprotective of Jennifer, to the point of being stifling and controlling as he tried to compel her to follow in his ways. Specifically, Bill saw the world in black-and-white and law-and-order, while Jennifer as a young woman was more attuned to the gray areas of society and the law, which drove her to become a defense attorney, much to her father’s distaste, seeing it as a rejection of his values.

One day, when Bruce was in Los Angeles for a rare visit, given his life on the run from the U.S. military that sought to contain and control the Hulk for its own ends, the operatives of the crime boss Nicholas Trask shot her down as a message to her father, whom Trask saw as a threat to his illegal enterprises. As Bruce was there and there were no other donors available for Jennifer, who was rapidly losing blood, Bruce used his in the transfusion. When she was accosted by Trask’s men again with the intent of finishing her off, Jennifer’s anger triggered her first transformation into the She-Hulk, an amazonian figure standing at 6’7” and endowed with the same green skin and savage strength as the Hulk.

The major difference between Bruce and Jennifer was that Jennifer could control her Hulk transformations and herself when transformed, and she regarded it as a blessing, not a curse like Bruce did. It helped that instead of being a rampaging beast in her transformed state, Jen became a 6’7” green amazon endowed with great strength and confidence, and she came to prefer this form to her original human state, to the detriment of a few relationships with people who saw her embrace of the She-Hulk as turning her back on her “true self.”

As the She-Hulk, Jennifer quickly took to life as a superhero, joining the Avengers and later substituting for Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the rock-skinned hero known as the Thing when he took a sabbatical from the Fantastic Four. She still maintained her career as a lawyer, and her life as a superhero led her to specialize in superhuman-related cases, representing various notables in the Marvel Universe. At one point, this led her to do legal work for the Heroes for Hire, a group of superheroes who accepted payment for their heroics but did to their credit focus more on the heroics than the “getting paid” part. This led her to a brief romance with Luke Cage, the unbreakable-skinned hero once called Power Man, that cooled into a long-lasting friendship between them. Cage wouldn’t be the only one of her romances as She-Hulk, as her vivacious and bold personality made her a very popular person to be around, especially with a lot of the menfolk of the hero community.

Like any good superhero, she had her share of foes, though one of her most persistent was none other than Mary MacPherran, transformed into the super-strong Titania by Doctor Doom in the Secret Wars conducted by a cosmic being called the Beyonder experimenting with the “good vs. evil” paradigm. Like Jennifer, Mary was a small and timid girl until being found by Doctor Doom and transformed into a woman of superhuman stature --- tall, muscular, strong, and beautiful. Like Jennifer, this transformation unleashed many of Mary’s inhibitions, but where Jennifer took her new form as an opportunity to do good in the world, Mary instead saw it as a license to treat others the way she had been treated. These parallels led her to a deep resentment and antipathy toward She-Hulk, fueling a rivalry between them that would last for many years in both the comics and real life.

Eventually, Jennifer would come to reconcile the two sides of herself --- the bold, uninhibited She-Hulk and the smaller, more withdrawn Jennifer Walters --- out of a realization she had much to contribute to the world in both forms. Even more so, as she discovered that when she increased her strength by working out in human form, her strength as the She-Hulk would be exponentially increased.

In more recent years, two other She-Hulks would be introduced. The first was a Red She-Hulk allied with the mysterious Red Hulk that debuted in 2008, ruthlessly beating and even killing superhumans all over the Marvel Universe in the name of equally mysterious goals. The Red She-Hulk had the ability to absorb and emit various forms of energy and radiation in addition to her strength and was skilled with the use of weapons, much like her male counterpart. She and the original She-Hulk would clash as well, as did their male counterparts, and ultimately, she was revealed to be the presumed-deceased Betty Ross, longtime love interest of Bruce Banner, with her also presumed-deceased father General Ross ironically being the Red Hulk after years of pursuing Bruce Banner. As it was, both of them had been revived by longtime Hulk foe the Leader’s use of cosmic and gamma radiation to transform them into red-skinned Hulks in his service, to be the muscle behind his goals of world domination.

The second new She-Hulk was the daughter of the Hulk and the amazonian warrior Thundra from one of the many alternative futures depicted in Marvel Comics. Named Lyra, this She-Hulk’s purpose was to travel back in time to the Marvel Universe’s present day and find the strongest male hero of that era to breed a child with. She would end up abandoning this mission, though, when she realized that what her historical records had told her was this era’s greatest hero --- Norman Osborn, better known as the Green Goblin, known at that particular point as the Iron Patriot, leader of the “Dark” Avengers --- was really its greatest monster. Like the Red She-Hulk, she would clash with Jennifer Walters as well, but the three She-Hulks did ultimately join forces to defeat the Leader.

Subsequent stories would deal with both Lyra and Betty trying to find their places in the world. Lyra would end up living with Jennifer Walters as her mother figure, with Jen trying to help her live as close to a normal life as she could. One such attempt as a high school student went awry for Lyra when the Leader and his minions managed to track her down, resulting in a battle that caused injuries to several students and wrecked the school building as well. She would have somewhat better luck in Avengers Academy, a school devised by several veteran Avengers to train the next generation of superheroes and thus more of a fit for someone with her background and abilities.

Betty, as the Red She-Hulk, would attempt to reconcile with her former husband Bruce and his Hulk alter ego, though despite their inability to rekindle their romance, said tensions would still remain between them, especially now that they didn’t have to fear for Betty’s vulnerability vis-a-vis the possibility of sexual intimacy. She would eventually strike out on her own, first in alliances with various superheroes, and then later as a renegade trying to avert a vision of the future where gamma-powered super-soldiers created by Project Echelon had taken over the world and laid waste to all who stood in their way. That latter arc would be depicted in a short series that lasted 10 issues, and afterwards, her most recent appearance was being stripped of her Hulk powers by a new Hulk personality called “Doc Green,” as smart as he was strong and determined to eliminate the threat he believed gamma-powered superhumans posed to the world.

As for Jennifer, the original She-Hulk, she would join a “temporary” Fantastic Four recruited by the members of the actual Fantastic Four to substitute for them while on a time-traveling, dimension-crossing family vacation. After that, she would end up part of Luke Cage’s “Mighty Avengers,” a new Avengers team that would be more responsive to the realities on the street and the lives and concerns of ordinary people. She would also have a solo series that again focused on her adventures as both a superhero and a superhuman lawyer, even crossing paths with Marvel’s other famous superhero lawyer Matt Murdock (Daredevil). While that last series is also slated to come to an end, and with the fates of the She-Hulks uncertain in the wake of “Doc Green” being out to depower every last gamma-powered superhuman, they are nonetheless, without a doubt, some of the most intriguing characters produced by Marvel, for many, many reasons. What are yours, if you’re fans of theirs?

- ImpulsiveSpidercide


And now, without further ado . . .

She Hulk Color by sjediMiss Hulk by thedarkplagueShe-Hulk Lyra by Wakabee by elee0228She-Hulk by Wakabee by elee0228She-Hulk by elee0228She-Hulk by Wakabee Color by elee0228

Bulging Veins Tutorial by OrionPax09DSC She Hulk by TULIO19mxShe Hulk by fradarlinShe-Hulk by elee0228She-Hulk by felle2thou by elee0228SheHulk3C1 by TULIO19mx

Uh-oh ... Gilda went too far with Pinkie this time by conradknightsocksShe-Hulk (July 2013) by fmvra1sChibi She-Hulk by MichaelLinkJrPaste Pot Pete and She Hulk on a Date by calslaytonShulkie Brownie by darkchapel666

She-Hulk on Muscle BeachShe-Hulk on Muscle Beach

She-Hulk on Muscle Beach by Joe Jusko, is a timeless piece that was done as a poster in the late 1980's.  It's one of two pieces that immediately comes to my mind when I think of Shulkie ( the other being the cover of Marvel Graphic Novel Vol 18 by John Bryne ).  I felt it was necessary to pay homage to this iconic image.

I was excited to see that EJ Morges ( Press Oblivion ) was accepting commissions.  Of course, I first commissioned the obligatory Akiko Daimon: M
She Hulk transforming by TULIO19mxShe-Hulk by ProjectCornDogOrionPax09 on Patreon! by OrionPax09

She Hulk Bunny by NinjaSpideyShe Hulk by NinjaSpideyShe Hulk Deadpool by NinjaSpideyMuscle She-Hulk by felsus by elee0228Perez tribute by conradknightsocksShe Hulk by MarcelTheSouza

She-Hulk Pencil by sjediDSCSheHulk by TULIO19mxSpidey and Shulkie: Happily Ever After - Lineart by OrionPax09Oblivionpar: She-Hulk by elee0228She-Hulk and Power Girl - Lineart by OrionPax09

Eva Mendes as She-Hulk 3 + Extras by Art-GemGreen Eyes Hypnotize by PhotoshopIsMyKung-FuShe-Hulk: Brains and Brawn by SavvyRedSpidey and Shulkie: Happily Ever After - Flats by OrionPax09
She-Hulk by elee0228She-Hulk by elee0228She-Hulk by elee0228She-Hulk by elee0228She-Hulk by elee0228

She-Hulk by elee0228She-Hulk by elee0228Com-Scarlet Nightingale 1 by OrionPax09She Hulk by elee0228
She-Hulk by elee0228Green pair coloured by misterpricklySOE Beach Party Misato by OrionPax09Hulky Holidays by olybear

1980s Avengers Sketch Cards by calslaytonShe Hulk Workout by elee0228She-Hulk and Power Girl by OrionPax09Third Rail Thrills - She-Hulk by TRDLcomics

She-Hulk 2 by Art-GemShe-Hulk by felle2thou WIP 3 by elee0228She-Hulk colored by Art-GemShe-Hulk by JonFreeman by elee0228Shulkie by elee0228

She-Hulk by itsjustsuppi by elee0228She-Hulk by CuddlyCapesShe-Hulk by elee0228She-Hulk (study) by StefanoLanzaShe-Hulk Redesign by Comicbookguy54321

Wikipedi-OWNED! by conradknightsocksSingle green female by grim1978Jen by regoursoShe Hulk by knikki121She Hulk by lotus73

Emerald Fury 2 Cover by OrionPax09Emerald Fury #1 by OrionPax09Emerald Fury 1 Cover by OrionPax09Emerald Fury 12 Cover by OrionPax09Emerald Fury 16 Cover by OrionPax09She-Hulk vs The U-Foes by OrionPax09

She-Hulk by Felsus by elee0228She-Hulk Sketch by Rafael0381 by elee0228She-Hulk by NeMAfronSPAiN by elee0228She-Hulk: After A Battle - Lineart by OrionPax09Power Girl and Shulkie by NeMA by elee0228
Muscle WIP 3 by elee0228Muscle WIP 5 by elee0228Muscle WIP 4 by elee0228She Hulk Model sheet by Jonboy007007


In honor of Black History Month, February 2015's characters will include all characters of African ancestry, including African, African American, Afro-Caribbean, black, mixed, African diaspora, and more.

Some examples of these characters include:
Storm (Ororo Munroe, X-Men)
Black Panther (T'Challa Udaku, Marvel)
Green Lantern (John Stewart, Justice League)
Static (Virgil Ovid Hawkins, Static Shock)
Angel II (Angel Salvadore, X-Men)
Steel (John Henry Irons, Justice League)
Bishop (Lucas Bishop, X-Men)
Blade (Eric Brooks, Marvel)

And many, many more.

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